Fox News Has Dirt on Tucker, Trump Hints at Skipping Debates & Ted Cruz's Plan to Overturn Election


A team of scientists is making the case that as space tourism continues to grow people will naturally start having sex in space, Melania Trump turned 53 and there is a limited time opportunity to celebrate with your own families, Trump is already hinting that he might skip the debates in the primary because he doesn’t want to subject himself to MAGA-hating anchors, Fox News has reportedly been keeping a file of dirt on Tucker Carlson in the event that he goes after the network, a former producer on his show says that Tucker ran a hostile workplace and frequent asked personal questions about on-air hosts like Maria Bartiromo, there is a tape where Ted Cruz specifically detailed his plan to overturn the 2020 election, George Santos has been trying to claim he’s Jewish for quite some time now, tonight’s clip for Excellence in Reporting goes to the team at Detroit’s Fox 2 News, and we meet some folks on Hollywood Boulevard for a round of “Couple or Siblings?”

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