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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from FJ and here’s what he has to say: “Hi again Sandman, You know, since you’ve helped change my perspective, it’s interesting to look back through historical accounts with a red pill lens. It adds a new dynamic, I think, and rarely addressed directly. As you’ve said, civilizations have risen and fallen on the efforts of men. Some of these civilizations, esp. the seafaring ones, would have a large part of their male population leave friendly shores to seek their fortunes. Some may have been forced to do so because of financial hardship, but others may have sought opportunity or adventure. I’ve never done that myself, Sandman, and it’s a big regret. But I’ve always enjoyed the stories of sea battles, storms, and distant islands. In the literature (fiction and non-fiction), the domestic side of the stories was just a background, used to stir some sort of wistful thoughts in the mind of the reader, like memories of home, love, or some girl with her virtue intact, LOL. The idea of leaving home for months or years in previous centuries always seemed like a hardship to me, but you know, Sandman, with a daily dose of the red, I think it’s the other way around. Men work better, with their minds clearer, by being away from petty domestic chores and constant nagging. Even though men and women at that time had a greater separation of labor, what sane self-respecting man would choose to be hen-pecked without some sort of escape? or at least the memory of one?” Well FJ thanks for the donation and topic. As I was reading it I thought to myself that working overseas on a ship when you’re married is about the closest you can come to leaving your wife without being divorced. Either that or being in some other military branch stationed overseas. I come from a long line of men that go back at least four generations as mariners. My great grandfather in Ukraine spent most of his adult life as a sea farer in the late nineteenth and early twenty centuries. His grandson was the same and his great grandson one of my cousins works as an international maritive lawyer. He was also a painter and that’s about all that’s left of him that’s survived, his art and a few black and white photos. He told my grandmother that New York City in the early 20th century was one of the ugliest cities he had ever seen and he had been to ports on six continents. But of course he was in the soviet union so odds are they were brainwashed to say bad things about America because they never knew when their own daughters and wives would turn them in for not being red enough. Anyways I’ll discuss the idea of how being an ocean going explorer and how it relates to going your own way in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor The MGTOW’s Guide To Retiring on 200k in Southeast Asia: Anyways, now back with the lost at sea clown world show. I don’t really like going into the water all that much or being on ships. Although for a while I wanted to buy a steal hulled Tugboat. I still have a travel video from Tugfest a number of years ago to put out and no that’s not an event where imported women give you a plethora of rub and tug experiences. It’s an annual event where tugboats get together in a town called Midland, Ontario. After I saw the maintenance required for a steal hulled ship I let that dream go. I’m more of a desert guy myself. I always long to visit the Australian outback, Sahara Desert and Sand Dunes in the US Southwest once more and over and over again. As for working on the oceans FJ you’re glamorizing it.



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