How I Managed My Dificult Divorce


I return from my hiatus explaining about my divorce which came as a shocker to many. My family friend said that it was two people trying to make it work and just couldn’t, you know, we had different Love Languages of way to show each other love and we just couldn’t.

It was different because it was like a bandaid on a scab, quickly pulling off a band-aid applied out within the pain slowly but surely going away. So even though it was amicable, and even though I technically walked away with nothing but lessons and memories, both good and bad, and my electronics and appliances, every divorce is different because neither one of us wanted it to be an ugly fight because we’ve seen it happen over and over in our lives. Yeah, it’s possible, especially if you don’t have kids and you don’t have a house, that’s how we’re able to be smooth. Most people have difficult divorces, depending on the state they live in, depending on how many kids as well as depending on how many assets they had together. So we had none of that. So we were able to waive alimony, we’ve not gone to court with serving each other, so I’m glad that I didn’t have a child through it because it would make things so much more difficult. And I’m grateful that I didn’t really legally change my name everywhere. So there are a few things I got to change, remove, you know, like insurances, but it’s not as much.

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