[Eng Sub] Boss wants a divorce EP06 |In the River for Love2【Chinese drama eng sub】


► Label: Love, Romantic Drama, Chinese Drama
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► Plot summary:
Song Yunhui became the youngest deputy of Donghai Chemical’s leadership team. He brought his wife and daughter to work and life in Donghai. Cheng Kaiyan’s laziness and suspicion left the two with a rift. They eventually ended in divorce. Liang Sishen, who is the foreign manager of the Sino-foreign joint venture factory, had many contacts and confrontations with Song Yunhui at work, and also each other. Impressed by the opponent’s abilities. Lei Dongbao was imprisoned for bribery. After his release from prison, the Thunder Company was established to find a market for the wires. Wei Chunhong has always been the support behind Lei Dongbao. Yang Xun came to the East China Sea for development and made the market flourish. In the cooperation with Liang Sishen, the representative of foreign investment, he looked up at Liang Sishen and made false accounts. He was discovered by Liang’s father and took measures to rectify. Xun suffered multiple blows, and the accountant Ren Xia was by his side.



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