How Can a Dog Aid Recovery After a Divorce?


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Getting through a divorce is hard. Especially if you are alone and have nobody to offer you comfort. Luckily dogs are always there for us and they will never turn their backs on us.

Dogs and Divorce Recovery

If your life was disrupted with a divorce or you just feel lonely, here are some reasons why dogs could help you recover from the emotional toll of a breakup.

Unconditional Love

Many people often think that dogs do not love unconditionally as humans do, but this is a common misconception that has no basis in reality. Dogs care about their owners and even if they leave them or abandon them, they will still be there for them at any time. With this kind of loyalty, it’s no wonder that the number one reason people name when asked why dogs make good pets is simply “unconditional love”.

Every day more and more people are adopting dogs to help them get through their divorces. Dogs offer you the unconditional love and support that is so difficult to find elsewhere in such an emotional time.

Your dog would never leave you when you need it most and will be there for you until your last days, making countless priceless memories along the way. To many people, nothing feels better than knowing that somebody always has your back and will be there to catch you when times get tough and who won’t judge or criticize anything about your personality (even if that means taking a huge dump on your carpet).

Fill a Void

If the divorce was hard on you but at the same time it brought freedom from an unhealthy relationship, owning a dog after can provide a sense of responsibility/caring for another living being. This can help with the feeling of emptiness after divorce due to lack of obligation.

Often people are afraid that getting a dog means too much work, but this is simply not true. And if kids are involved they will most likely agree it’s a great idea because everyone loves dogs! Plus having and feeding a dog will keep you distracted from thinking about all of those memories that were once shared with your spouse.


Another big reason why dogs make good pets is that they are loyal. Dogs will never cheat on you, backstab you or tell you that they are no longer in love with you because of something trivial like an old t-shirt. When your dog looks at you, he/she actually sees the person that you really are and they don’t fantasize about who they want to be with later on down the road.

Dogs also understand how it is to suffer from depression so they know exactly what to do when their owner’s condition worsens. If you think dogs only react to the tone of your voice, think again. They will sense if there is something wrong even if it goes undetected by normal senses and will do everything in their power to make sure that nobody feels alone or abandoned during this difficult time.

Is divorce the end of the world? No, but it may feel like it’s going to be forever until you recover from its emotional toll, and dogs can help with that faster than anything else will. Before getting a dog, remember they are not companions or replacements for human beings, they are your family and there is no such thing as too many dogs!

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