The Baal Divorce Decree


John Benefiel shares the Baal divorce decree to unlock blessings and favor over your life.
▶▶Binding the Strongman Over America [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Binding the Strongman Over America [Digital Download]:

As spiritual darkness grows over the nations, you could be tempted to believe America is a lost cause. But is the daily news true, or the authority of God?

John Benefiel says the hope for America and the nations lies in the hearts of God’s people.

John carries an apostolic burden to break off the spirit of Baal over our country. His ministry has witnessed noted spiritual breakthroughs for his home state of Oklahoma and across our nation.

In Binding the Strongman Over America and the Nations, Benefiel outlines a prophetic strategy for you to pray effectively against the darkness invading your home, community, America and the planet!

You can join a move of God right now to:

✅ Identify and overthrow ancient thrones of iniquity
✅ Issue a divorce decree to the spirit of Baal
✅ Confront idolatry and repent on behalf of the nation
✅ Contend for God’s destiny for America and all nations

John’s 3-CD/audio series gives you a blueprint for action. His offer also includes digital downloads for a Baal divorce decree and a writ of assistance for you to declare as critical first steps.

John urges you to act. The strongman can be bound. It is God who gives you the authority to do it!

▶▶Binding the Strongman Over America [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Binding the Strongman Over America [Digital Download]:

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