PLEASE NOTE – We will be editing Part One for future re-release once this is resolved.

Please use the links provided below, to educate yourself to what was happening when Jesus was addressing this age old problem of “get” refusal. It’s still widespread today amongst the Jewish community. Jesus, like Moses, was addressing this very same subject.

Here are just a sampling of thousands of links you can find today surrounding the problem of “Get Refusal,” which Moses addressed, and remedied, although the problem still existed during the days of Christ, as it still exists today in Israel:

Please take the necessary time to digest the information presented in this video, and go to God directly on this, and ask Him for wisdom, and understanding on this very important topic.

The irony is the source that brought this evil practice of “get refusal” into the Church, is associated with the Church of Rome.

It was interestingly enough Roman Law during the days of Christ that men were using to chain their wives to a dead marriage through “get refusal.”

Later, the Roman Church would also bring this cruel practice into the Church, and later, this false doctrine also made its way into Protestant denominations.



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