UPDATE Got Separated From Sister After Parents' Messy Divorce, She Comes Back A Different Person…


My parents got divorced in August of 2014. It was a messy freakin divorce. One of the worst I’ve ever known, and I know quite a few of my friends’ parents. My mother took half of my Dad’s savings, half of his pension (he had just retired after 11 years in the army + 25 years in the police; she was cheating medical benefits during this time), half of the house (the mortgage on which she never contributed to), and even tried to get half of the compensation my dad was awarded after being hit by a car (ICU medically induced coma + in various hospitals and rehab centers from November 2015 – January 2016 [yes, the divorce took almost two years]).

Long story short, she bankrupted my Dad. We were on the verge of homelessness for a while, and he spiraled into depression, which dragged me into depression. Things were freaking bad for us.

She also tried to use me and my sister as a weapon against him. She moved to Surrey, a place near London ~ 200 miles from where we were living at the time, to be with the man she was cheating on my Dad with. My sister, 14 at the time, went with her. My mum tried to make me come too (I wasn’t NC at this point), but I had just started a software development Apprenticeship at the time, so I stayed with my father. Things were okay. I even went down to Surrey to see them.

It was when I was down there that I overheard my step-father talking crap about my Dad, a man he had never met. Calling him worthless, good for nothing, “not a real man” was thrown in there a couple times. She was laughing along all the way. Obviously, I was upset. When I got back home, I texted her to let her know that I knew what he had been saying. This led to a barrage from her side, and telling me never to talk or attempt to contact her, my step-father, or – and this is the only thing that killed me – my sister.

Story 1:
UPDATE TO: I [21/M] have been looking for my sister [18/F] since 2014. I found a way to contact her last night, but I’m not sure how to do it.


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