Should I Stay or Should I Leave? — The Dynamic Divorcée


If you’ve been thinking about whether you should stay or leave your relationship, it’s likely that you’ve been unhappy for a long time — or that some disturbing information has just recently come to light.

Sometimes, a tarot reading can open up ways for deeper thinking about this, and offer insights you may not have considered before. It won’t make the decision for you, but it can help you consider some of the issues at play, and it does this through the lens of the centuries-old tarot deck of archetypes of the human condition.

Those of us who have been working with tarot for many years know it has helped us through so many difficult moments in life — even though we will never, rationally, be able to explain exactly why it works. Certainly, it should never be used as the only way to make a decision on something as important as divorce.

What it can do is break through cycling, endless thoughts about a subject, and help you to ask some valuable questions about where you’re headed and how to handle your emotions around the situations and choices that are consuming you at the moment.

Here’s my interactive tarot reading on the subject of whether you may want to stay or leave. You have to opportunity to select one of four stacks of cards, and receive an in-depth free reading based on the cards you chose.

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