Hold on to your dream — The Dynamic Divorcée


This post is for you if you’ve tried to give up on yourself and your dream(s) countless times, but your dreams haven’t given up on you.

How do you know if your dreams haven’t given up on you? Because they’re still poking you, taunting you, and messing with you.

Because you have a sense of unrest, even if you’ve long ago sent your dreams packing, and told your dreams that they’re crazy. But, yet, you can’t seem to get over that life should have more for you than just this.

You see women who are doing what you want to be doing, and it really bothers you more than it makes you feel happy for them.

You’ve tried to convince yourself that what you want isn’t sensible. That’s it’s more important to be a self-sacrificing mom or a self-sacrificing, hard-working, _______________ (fill in the blank).

Your family, your social group, your work team, and everything you see in the media keeps banging you over the head that it’s more important to take one or two or three hits for the team. That the family is more important than the individual.

And, anyhow, you’ve sunk too much into your present career — or your current self-concept — to be allowed to reinvent yourself at this late date.

But. Did you ever think that maybe the whole reason this divorce happened, the whole reason your life has gotten smashed to smithereens, is because the Universe (okay, actually, it’s your soul) is trying to send you a message?

That it’s time for you to follow your dreams. That you should hold on to your dream — especially now.

Have you heard that story about how the Universe tries to reach us? First you get hit on the head with a pebble. But you don’t notice. Then, it’s a handful of gravel. Huh? Why does this shit always happen to me? Then it’s a brick with your name on it. Oww. Then, it’s a billboard with your name written on it and detailed instructions about what’s not working in your life. That’s not for me, is it? ‘Cause if it is, why didn’t it tell me step by step exactly how to get out of this mess?

So, finally, your life blows up in your face.

And, finally, after all those signs (that just seemed like accidents), we tend to say, “God/Universe/Goddess, where are you when I need you?”

And, She says, “I keep trying to get your attention, but you’re ignoring me!”

Sometimes, we need to learn to listen. I’ve heard it said that prayer is all about talking. Meditation is all about listening.

Sometimes these life events are messages.

But. You’re thinking: What good is a message that doesn’t give me the answer?

It’s because the answer can’t be heard by the mind that’s still in life-emergency mode.

The perfect time to dust off that dream is when life as you know it is falling apart, and that’s because the perfect conditions have been created to take the rubble and rebuild it to include the dream(s) you thought you had to leave behind.

Problem is: The worrying mind just keeps spinning its catastrophe scenarios. As long as it’s in charge, you won’t get the yellow brick road you’re looking for.

So, I recommend this prayer, several times a day:

Take just two minutes to settle down and pray to your mind to let go of the confusion long enough so that you can hear the guidance your higher self is trying to give you.

The higher self is the one that’s connected to infinite wisdom, and knows what you came here to earth to accomplish.

As you listen for the guidance, imagine that all of the junk cluttering your mind evaporates and you see just clear, clean, beautiful space in your inner mind.

Stop moving, stop doing, sit down and start your 2 minutes, letting your higher self reveal whatever it wants to surrounding your question.

If you start worrying or fidgeting during this time, shake your head, shake your arms and shoulders and start listening again (reconnect to that divine guidance that is always trying to get through to you).

Make sure you write down any insights you get. It might be just one tiny thing for you to do, or someone you should call, or something you should unearth out of your basement. Just do what it says.

Make this your daily prayer experience, and see what happens! A path toward that dream (or dreams) starts to emerge.

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