Are you dreading the year ahead? Or maybe you’re simply wondering what 2021 holds for you.

And, maybe you’d find it helpful to know — for 2021 specifically — the top things to do (or to avoid) so that you make the absolute best of whatever comes your way.

If you’re new to me, you might be wondering: Where do these tarot card readings come from? Let me tell you a little about the process I go through to bring them to you.

Here’s my tarot forecast for 2021 — just for you. You can choose the reading based on your zodiac horoscope sign, pick a number from 1 through 12, or do both (for two different readings that should both offer insight for you in the next 12 months).

Before each group reading like this one, I meditate and pray that the people who will benefit from the message are the ones who will come in contact with the reading.

I believe that there’s a divine intelligence and divine guidance available to all of us and that there’s a universal consciousness for good that speaks to each of us (including tarot readers and coaches like me who can translate that for the people who would benefit from the message).

However, please also read the paragraph at the bottom of this post as a reminder of where your own responsibilities lie in dealing with this information.

Learn what’s your guiding tarot card of the year, what your life task is for 2021, what to do/what to avoid, and much more. You can view the entire reading below, or scroll down for timestamps so you can go directly to your astrological sign or to the reading for your favorite number.

And, in case you’re curious about the beautiful, glittering deck I’m using, you can find out more about the Holographic Rider-Waite Tarot here.

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