Global Fair Divorce Day – 25 June 2018


The Fifth Annual Global Fair Divorce Day,
is on Tuesday, 25 June 2021

Participation is World-wide and FREE


Divorce Can and Should be FAIR!

Join us in fighting all unfair divorce tactics and creating awareness of fair ways to divorce. There is no need for separating or divorcing couples to be at war with each other until everyone involved are devastated. There are alternative solutions for parting ways or dissolving a marriage in a civilised manner. Let us inspire families to integrity, compassion and honour.

How it Works

Global Fair Divorce Day lasts the whole day (24hrs). What you have to do on that day, is wear something blue on your left hand, post a picture on all your social media profiles and tag me so that I can share it on mine: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn. Please help us spread the news by sharing this page via your social media too.

Who can Participate

If you have any experience of divorce, whether as a child of divorcing parents, divorcing your spouse, as family or a friend of a couple going through divorce, a colleague of someone in divorce, a new partner of a divorcee or you witnessed the traumatic effects of the unfair manner in which divorce is conducted, you should join this cause. Even if you are happily married and want to support those who have suffered through divorce, you are welcome to join.

Why we Celebrate Global Fair Divorce Day

In celebrating Global Fair Divorce Day, we commit ourselves to Fair Conduct in good times and in bad. We wear blue on our left arm, hand and particularly the left ring finger, to show our undeniable commitment to distinguishing ourselves from the majority of people who fight and destroy lives through divorce, by loving one another, having empathy and being as fair as possible.

We believe that being Fair during the divorce process is noble. Blue is a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, despite the trauma of divorce and getting through this life-changing event with our dignity in tact.


On 25 June, we all wear something blue on our left hand or decorate our left hand in any blue manner and post a photo on our social media profiles to show our support. Then we share this with our friends, colleagues & families. Be creative and have fun! Help us make the whole world aware that divorce can and should be fair!



Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of – Cape Town RSA)

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