वकील साहब-सर ये गलत ऑर्डर है न्याय नही मिलता यहाँ पर//Mp High court//power of judiciary


वकील साहब-सर ये गलत ऑर्डर है न्याय नही मिलता यहाँ पर//Mp High court


Power of judiciary

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Supreme Court of India
MP High Court Live
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Supreme Court of India
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Supreme Court of India
Maharashtra Crisis
CJI DY Chandrchud
Kapil Sibal

This Video is for Legal Awareness & Education Purpose only.
Education videos about laws events in India and around the world. Understand from this Court Video, How Court
Proceed in Various Judiciary Matters also Learn about CRPC and IPC of INDIA. Advocate Argument with Opposite Lawyers in Court. What Questions asked by Honorable Judges in Different Court Cases. Also learn that how the Judges Writes A JUDGEMENT in any Court Case.



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