Achraf Hakimi Divorce Saga: Social Media vs Legal Reality | Would The Receive Divorce Settlement?


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French law provides a ground for divorce whereby the spouses agree on the principle of marital breakdown and sign a notice of acceptance of the divorce. The notice of acceptance can be signed at any of the procedural stages of the divorce process.

We know that divorce or separation is a life-changing time, so we will manage the legal side of things for you with sensitive, expert advice.

Our specialist team of divorce solicitors can help you deal with the process, prioritising the welfare of your children, if applicable, and advising you on financial matters.

We are experienced in handling divorces with complex and high value matters involving high net worth individuals

Wherever possible, we aim to resolve things constructively with your partner, to avoid conflict and find the best way forward for you and the family as a whole.

Divorce is a $28 billion a year industry that affects 50 percent of the people involved in marriage. Between 70 and 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women. Among college-educated women, that number jumps to 90 percent. But even though women overwhelmingly are the ones who want divorce, men somehow benefit disproportionately. Why?

It is not surprising that the main reasons women want divorce are also contributors to why men benefit. Over 50 percent of households are dual income—yet women are still responsible for the lion’s share of domestic duties. This takes an incredible amount of time and energy, for which many men get a pass. Post-divorce, 80 percent of the custodial parents are also women. This means that domestic duties become an even greater burden for the woman, not the man. For him, it means greater freedom.

Women also take on more of the emotional labor in marriage than their male spouses. When a marriage folds, their role as primary emotional support person increases. She must guide herself and her children through the turbulent separation phase and reorganization of her family while also fulfilling both parental roles in the home as single mother. Women are left with less energy for their careers, professional and personal lives outside of the home.

The upside to being an independent woman is that we are less willing to put up with a man’s unacceptable behavior, abuse, infidelity and ego driven insecurities than past generations. Unfortunately, when a marriage ends, unlike Melinda Gates or Mackenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, who earned settlement monies in the billions of dollars, most of us are not awarded a billion-dollar settlement that we can fall back upon.



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