Olivia Naseren: Kitengela Woman Who Ate Her Baby While On Camera Speaks Out


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Olivia Naserene: the woman who s****d her 2-year old daughter and ate her body parts has finally spoken out.
The 23-year old mother has explained the reason that pushed her to commit the heinous crime.
Olivia while appearing in court confessed to THE CRIME. She further explained that long-term low self-esteem is what pushed her to do the despicable act. She claimed that she has been through a lot with her daughter, and some of the events she experienced made her hate herself.
Olivia Naseren while defending herself did not appear to regret her actions. She seemed casual, relaxed and composed. Sth that I must admit made her look scary.
A section of the netizens came out to defend Olivia citing that she may have been pushed to depression by the divorce she had from her husband.
All the evidences on the table so far, do not, however point to depression
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