1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton drops domestic violence charges against ex Michael Halterman


1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton drops domestic violence charges against ex Michael Halterman

1000-LB. SISTERS star Amy Slaton has dropped her domestic violence charges against her estranged husband Michael Halterman during a tense court hearing, The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned.

Amy, 35, and Michael, 40, faced off in a Kentucky court room presided by Judge Brandi Rogers on Wednesday, May 3.

Amy was supported by her sister Amanda Halterman, her brother Chris Combs, and two other unidentified friends.

However, Michael was all alone.

Michael and Amy’s two boys, Glenn, two, and Gage, nine months, were not present, and neither was her sister Tammy Slaton, 36.

The film crew for 1000-Lb. Sisters were also present and shooting a scene, but the cameras were not allowed in the courtroom.

Amy’s company appeared to be cheerful and kept up light-hearted banter, but Michael remained silent and calm.

Amy’s crew didn’t give Michael as much as a glance.

The exes had to wait for three other domestic violence cases to be heard ahead of being called to the stand, during which Michael conferred with his lawyer in hushed voices while Amy was pulled out of the room to talk privately.

About 20 minutes later, Amy was pulled out to talk with her lawyer again – and this time with Amanda.

When they were called to the stand, Amy motioned to withdraw her domestic violence charges, and the judge permitted it.

In lieu of the charges, a civil restraining order will be filed separately in their ongoing divorce case.

No contact will be permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract; however, they are allowed to communicate via text exclusively about parenting their sons.

Amy and Michael also battled it out over their temporary joint custody schedule for taking care of Glenn and Gage.

Since Amy and Michael were last in court in March, Amy has been on mother duty on the weekdays, whereas Michael has taken the children on the weekends.

However, Michael now wants full joint custody and to work out a schedule where he is taking care of them for just as many days of the month as Amy.

Michael proposed an alternating schedule where he would take care of them for four days the first week, and three the following, but Amy dismissed the proposal.

Since the split, Michael has been crashing at his mother’s place where the three-bedroom home is already full with three adults.

By adding Michael and two kids into the mix, Amy was concerned it may be too stressful for Michael’s mother to handle at her age.

However, Michael’s lawyer argued since this is already the children’s living situation for the weekends and it’s functioning well, that adding a few extra days wouldn’t hurt.

Amy was also concerned that her kids would be too confused by the inconsistent schedule.

The judge did not make a ruling while the court was in session.

While Amy and Michael appeared to be cordial at the stand and never talked over each other or argued, she let her feelings out when exiting the court.

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