We talk about how to prepare for Mediation when you are going through a divorce.


How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

1. Expect to pay $$.
Mediators and your Attorney for their time. This means money upfront. But this will still be cheap than going to trial. https://thegiffordgroup.net/divorce-cost-in-texas

2. Use List
List all your assets and debts. Bring documents you have on the Credit cards, Vehicles, Mortgages, 401k, etc.

3. Find out what your home is with?
Do you planning on keeping the home, or you do want to buy out your spouse, you will need loan approval? https://thegiffordgroup.net/what-is-my-house-worth

4. Custody/Children
What are you wanting, SPO/ESPO, insurance, medical, Education, etc?

5. Ask for more than you want
Make your wish list, with your wants, so you can negotiate but this needs to be reasonable.

6. Focus on the Future
Think long-term, this decree will affect you for years, and will be something that you fall back on if you start to fight with your ex, make sure it is something you can actually live with!

Mediation is a confidential process guided by a certified and trained mediator serving as a neutral third party to assist disputing parties achieve and document specific, mutually agreed upon solutions found to be satisfactory to both parties. That is good news and what you agree upon won’t be part of the public records as if you did go to trial. Meditation is stressful but still alike a cheaper and quicker option than going to trial.

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