15 CRAZIEST Convict Reactions After Given A Life Sentence


Most people don’t think about the consequences before committing a crime no matter how heinous it is. But the law doesn’t hold back when it’s time to punish the ones who’ve wronged society and robbed many of their rights, safety, property and even lives. What’s even strange is that people who have already been to jail, also don’t think twice about breaking the law. Most of these people are counting on never getting caught and never getting punished in case they do. What they don’t know is that once their case goes to trial, there’s no way to absolutely predict what the jury will decide. A lot of the time, the defendants aren’t expecting a sentence and when they are it can sometimes be harsher and longer than they expected. Did you know that every one out of five people imprisoned in the world is incarcerated in the United States. Just in 2016, 2.2 million Americans were incarcerated. Since 1976 more than seven thousand eight hundred defendants have been sentenced to death. So far one thousand five hundred of these have been executed. According to reports, as of December 2022 two thousand five hundred and ninety-nine convicts are still on death row. From serial murder to child abuse and even repeated assaults, all sorts of terrifying crimes and their perpetrators have been prosecuted in courts across the world and some of them received sentences that made them rue the day they even thought about breaking the law. Today we’ll show you how convicts reacted after hearing their sentence and honestly it’s not a pretty picture. Some of the reactions are incredibly disturbing and you might need to take a minute to understand the convicts’ behavior

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