In this episode Susan Guthrie partners with friend and colleague, Evan Schein, leading NYC Divorce Litigator, to walk you through everything you need to know about depositions in divorce cases!

When you are trying to gather all of the information that you need in a divorce case, one tool in an attorney’s toolbox is to take depositions, but what are you facing if your attorney is taking a deposition, or even more importantly, if YOU are being deposed?  Top divorce litigator, Evan Schein, treats you like one of his own clients and shares with you all the critical information that you need to be prepared if depositions are going to happen in your case!

Some highlights from the episode:

The what, where, when and why of depositions in divorce cases;
Where depositions fit in the process of discovery;
Why you need to do a cost/benefit analysis when deciding to take depositions;
How to prepare for your deposition;
How depositions can help settle your case;
Evan and Susan’s Top 3 Tips for depositions; and


Sometimes you need to ask the questions and get the answers or are facing those questions under oath yourself so don’t miss out on this critical episode so you know what you need to know!

More information about This week’s Special Guest:

Evan Schein, Esq.

Evan is a New York City-based divorce and family law attorney, partner and the Head of Litigation at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP. During his career, Evan has litigated high-conflict custody cases and high-net worth complex financial matters involving hedge funds, businesses, real estate, sports, entertainment and more. He has helped clients find post-divorce happiness and build successful financial lives, advocated to protect children and fought for the rights of victims of domestic violence. Evan is the host of the podcast, Schein On, where he and his featured guests gives an inside and unfiltered look into the world of marriage, money, divorce and more.

Get more information at:

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Follow Evan Schein on Instagram:  @evan_schein


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