5 Steps Single Moms to Personal and Financial Success in 2022


We are a month into 2022 (as of this writing). How is it going so far? Hopefully you are still feeling a sense of newness and possibilities. Here are 5 Steps to Personal and Financial Success in 2022:

Forget Resolutions

I don’t do resolutions but i set my intention for my life. This year I made a simple list in my notes app that I can look at every day. I also have my digital vision board on my phone, laptop, and tablet as my background. Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it in Canva.

Create a Vision Instead

This is how I set myself up for success. I also practice raising my vibration so I live in more positive mindset and energy. There are things that irritate me and throws me into a fits of rage like rude drivers but I’ve learned how to keep that from ruining my entire day. I’ve learned how to recover quickly and return to a higher vibration.

I also practice the law of attraction, meditation, and affirmations daily. I have grown to believe that everything and everybody is for me not against me. I believe that I can have anything I want in life. I believe there is plenty in this world so there is more than enough. This belief system is something I cultivated over time so it didn’t happen over night.

Create a Plan

It was a process of reading, taking notes, watching videos, listening to audio books, journaling, and practicing what I learned. My life changed from being a struggling and depressed single mom to a thriving and happy woman with amazing kids. See the difference?

It’s not rocket science but it does take commitment to self development. That’s kind of hard because we try so hard to get acceptance and approval from other people but we don’t give it to ourselves. That is backwards and counter-productive.

Make Self-Care Priority

This is where radical self-care, willingness to be a little more selfish, and breaking the cycle of codependent relationships comes in. This is where you decide that your mental and emotional health are priority and that you are worth the effort.

It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of frustration, despair, confusion, and depression. It feels like nothing will ever work out and you will always struggle with money, relationships, and your mental health.

Commit to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Fortunately, all this can change. Again it takes commitment to your self-development to get from struggling to thriving. You just have to decide you want it even if you don’t feel like you can do it. Even if you don’t feel like you are worth it. Even if you feel like changing your circumstances is too hard. Just make the decision that you will commit to becoming the best version of yourself. That’s all.

The next step will be waiting on the other side of your decision. You’ve got this!

To help you start this process download the Radical Self-Care Planner here. Use the code NEWYOU2022 for 50% off until January 31.


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