Hollywood Divorce Jon Quest


RELEASED: 11/29/19
FEATURES: Allysa Scott
STYLE: Introspective, Reality, Lyrical

As most can understand, when in the process of living your dreams and building a solid career, sometimes life can monkey wrench your whole plan leaving one to need to step away from the process and reassess. Such is the case with Pittsburgh product Jon Quest, who from 2010 to 2013 built a four project discography as a solo act and being a part of a two man set known as Varsity Squad even rhyming with local legends. But circumstances outside of music like marriage, children and eventual divorce resulted in an involuntary six year hiatus which as one can guess took a toll on the momentum Jon was riding at the start of his campaign.With all that behind him, Jon Quest now has time to reignite the flame that never really burned out but in actually became brighter as life experiences, though daunting, gave the Emcee a new perspective and a need for the Therapeutic aspect that music can provide. His evolution is the main subject of his current release, being now a father and having gone through the

rigors of marriage can lead one through journey that’s frustrating but rewarding on some level. Sonically it’s vintage jazz heavy boom-bap provided by Raiden as he captures the overall vibe of Quest and the stories he’s delivering, which aren’t as sad or sympathetic as one might imagine from an album based divorce. He expresses the shortcomings of himself as well as his former spouse and seems somewhat appreciative on the lessons and insight he gained rather than remain bitter and regretful, he gives the audience a very balanced album that doesn’t drift into remorse or self pity.



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