Divorce and Rebound Relationships | Splitting Smart with Giovanni Azaël


Divorce and Rebound Relationships. How do you Rebound From a Break-up? In this Splitting Smart episode, we chat with Giovanni Azaël. Giovanni is a poet, blogger, and author of the new book That Good ol Feelin.

After more than a decade of writing articles for his blog and guest posting for others, Giovanni’s uniquely energetic voice continues to shine in his newest manuscript. That Good ol Feelin makes a strong statement about the importance of creating the love you desire. Life may not always place us in the best of scenarios, but based on the tools and decisions we make, we have the ability to create wonders.

Writing has been a lifelong pursuit of Giovanni’s, producing his first piece of poetry at the age of ten. Influenced by his deep study of life, his writings cover topics and real-life events we all experience.

Giovanni now runs a podcast in which he uses his life lessons to provide users with life-changing content that will better help them to navigate through their lives.

Connect with Giovanni at https://thatgoodolfeelin.com and on Instagram @thatgoodolfeelin




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