Aunt Demands I Give her My Inheritance For Her Son’s College. Reddit Relationship Advice. AITA


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My (18F) sister (30F) is actually my biological mother.

This is an extremely specific situation so I’m sure that if anyone I know uses reddit they’ll immediately figure out that it’s me, but hey, that’s what throwaways are for, amiright?

So, my older sister was never around much. She moved away when I was a kid and lived hours away, never visited, never called much except for the occasional christmas, and just generally wasn’t much a force in my life. I always knew she existed and there was some big row between her and my parents and that’s why they didn’t talk much, but that’s about it. She’s a complete stranger to me and always has been, but recently (about 2-3 years ago) she suddenly moved back here and started wanting to get all close to us again. Even still, we never really talk much. We’ve had maybe three full conversations in that time.


0:00 Greetings

00:08 – Aunt Calls Right After My Parents’ Death & Demands I Give her My Inheritance For Her Son’s College So i say “You Get Nothing Greedy trash”.

06:38 – Aita for telling my daughter that she can’t have kids while she still lives in my house.

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