🔴TPUSA LIVE: Scottsdale School Board Mayhem & Rittenhouse Trial Continues


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Check out today’s show!

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discusses the most recent updates in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the FBI leaking communications between Project Veritas and a lawyer, and Scottsdale School Board making a private dossier on parents!

The TPUSA LIVE team is joined by host, Jon Root, and special guests Isabel Brown, Jack Posobiec, and Connor Clegg who will talk about the Scottsdale School Board, Rittenhouse trial, LeBron James and more!

The Spillover host Alex Clark sits down with former U.S Navy SEAL and American hero, Robert J. O’Neill to talk about his story as a member of SEAL Team 6 and the time he shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.

We will wrap up the show with POPlitics with Alex Clark as she dives into why she loves Nicole Kidman, defunding camera crying, freak of the week, and more!

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