Unilateral Divorce Is a Fundamental Injustice


Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse addressed the Texas Constitution Party regarding the issue of unilateral (no-fault) divorce. Dr. Morse made the following points:

* Unilateral divorce is a fundamental injustice to children of divorce and the reluctantly divorced spouse.
* Children are harmed by divorce.
* The reluctantly divorced spouse is harmed by divorce.
* Society has a responsibility to protect marriage and the children of marriage.
* The state should QUIT siding with the person who wants the a unilateral divorce and should start protecting the rights of the victims.
* Taxpayers pay higher taxes to support society’s costs of divorce.
* Perjury should start being prosecuted in “family” court.

In Texas in 2019, we are once again seeking to repeal immoral and unjust unilateral divorce laws, in which the state forces a person to get divorced against his or her will.



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