Coronavirus Pandemic: How it impacts Somali and immigrant communities | #NomadicHustle


Coronavirus Pandemic: How it impacts Somali and immigrant communities | #NomadicHustle special episode with a panel of Somali professionals

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On this special episode of #NomadicHustle we discussed the impact of the Coronavirus on our communities in a comprehensive manner.

We discussed at length from the following perspectives:
– The public health risks and guidance
– Impact on the mental health of people in our community
– The government response and what resources are available to workers
– How covid-19 will impact education and how parents can support their kids at home

Local WA state info:

Parents and kids:

Federal government response:

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Historically known as a nomadic people, the Somali diaspora’s presence can be felt in nearly every country and region of the world. Often pioneering as the first generation in their families to be successful in their education and careers, the process in which it takes to break those barriers is rarely highlighted. This podcast aims to celebrate and highlight Somali excellence while shedding light on the countless success stories within our community both on a local and global scale. Focusing on inspiring the younger generation is the goal, and facilitating conversations on common issues and solutions that pertain to the Somali diaspora experience will help us stay connected as a people.
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