SoyBoys, Logics Divorce, Our First Jobs


00:00:00 Dave discovers Kongversation Podcast
00:01:38 Who took the bananas?
00:02:39 Sleepy time podcast (why are we advertising other podcasts on our podcast?)
00:03:35 Game of 4
00:04:05 Ed Sheehan
00:05:32 Jose tricks us into talking about Logic
00:05:49 Joyner Lucas is kinda lame breh
00:06:38 Tekashi69 did nothing wrong in Isaac’s eyes
00:07:48 Where would we go if we had to escape the USA
00:09:27 Honestly North Korea is pretty dope
00:10:10 Science Time with Davegood
00:11:08 Wendy’s Mixtape
00:12:22 Dave the Gaykeeper
00:13:00 Yung Gravy and Suburban Rap
00:14:30 Tekashi69 Breakfastclub Interview
00:21:27 McGangbang
00:22:11 Dave’s experience at McDonalds
00:23:58 Our first job interviews
00:29:01 Kanye Leaks
00:30:40 Why we watch Fantano’s Reviews
00:31:53 Twitter accounts getting shutdown for Tweetdecking
00:33:16 Isaac went CIA on some failing twitter accounts
00:34:25 Fer reveals his deepest darkest secret
00:36:00 How to get 100k followers on any social media
00:36:53 We’re starting fitness accounts
00:37:43 Shamwow guy
00:39:08 Eating Bum being weird when we were kids
00:40:11 Weekly Juan Talk
00:41:32 Would you rather have Trump’s hair or Kim Jung Un’s
00:41:54 Fishsticks
00:43:30 Feeding into Isaac’s insecurities
00:45:02 When’d we get our first phone
00:47:02 Isaac’s strange voicemail story
00:48:19 Creepy calls/Voicemails
00:50:27 Scammer call stories
00:53:33 Prank Calls
00:58:49 Fer’s favorite kind of memes
00:59:21 Jose’s favorite memes
01:00:23 Which Spongebob character are you?
01:02:12 The downfall of youtube videos
01:03:05 Logic’s Divorce
01:05:50 skajdkjfdkajlsjf
01:06:42 Outro



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