Healing and moving forward from Breakups, Divorce, Widower


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You don’t receive the recognition that you deserve… they label you as “That Guy” because you are a single father now, but that’s not you! You’re a great dad! Life threw some curveballs your way and now you are doing the best that you can with the cards you have in your hand. The single dad life is hard and there are very limited resources for us single fathers! This podcast is for you. The dad that is trying. The single father that is wanting to navigate your kid’s well-being as well as your own. The single dad that is ready to go out and find companionship but doesn’t know if it’s too soon or if things will move too fast. This podcast was made to show you that we see you, we appreciate you, and more than anything, we RELATE to you! The single dad’s podcast is hosted by Scott Fischer and Frank Ortega. Two single fathers with completely different circumstances and ages to be able to give a very relatable experience to multiple different people. We hope that you will listen and message use on social media so that we can connect and share life experiences!



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