Is Miley Cyrus Married & When Did She Divorce Liam Hemsworth?


Is Miley Cyrus Married & When Did She Divorce Liam Hemsworth?
Miley Cyrus fell in love with an Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.
The couple started dating in 2016.
The couple made their relationship official when Liam posted a picture of Miley on her birthday with her dogs and an arch of balloons.
The picture was captured “Happy Birthday Love.” We can call the picture intimate has Miley didn’t have her pants on, but she looked really happy.
Her eyes smiled down her cheeks; Reflecting absolute joy.
Liam and Miley made an adorable couple, and fans when crazy after them.
And after dating for two years, they both decided to walk down the aisle.
In 2018 the Miley and Liam got married.
The couple was seen several times in public making love to each other or sharing intimate moments.
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The couple even attended 2019’s Met Gala together.
Miley made a statement that this year’s Met Gala is very special because she wore much higher heels as he has a husband now to support her.



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