Is Life Better After Divorce with Collaborative Process?


What will your life look like after divorce? In this Video, Jennifer and Kristine talk about the end game.

Jennifer: I’m Jennifer Moshier. I’m the founder of Moshier Law in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m here with Kristine Reich.
Kristine: Hi I’m Kristine Reich. I am an attorney, communications coach, and a mediator. My firm is Restorative Law & Mediation located in Northeast Scottsdale.
Jennifer: We are both trained collaborative attorneys, collaborative professionals because Kristine wears more than one hat in collaborative cases.
Kristine: At times, today what we want to just speak with you about is the thought about the end game. Often times when families come forward to us and share with us about their situations and their stories, oftentimes they’re wrapped up in just getting through the day, and oftentimes coming to us gives them helps them have a different perspective about what may be their future can look like.
Jennifer: That is so true and it’s so different from litigation because you’re sure when you’re in court and you’re in a court case you really don’t have any control over your future. When will the next hearing be? Someone in the government sets it. When will your case end? It depends on whether or not your ex or soon-to-be-ex agrees to the terms you’ve set and want to want to negotiate on or whether or not there and who their attorney is. And one thing that we at Best Legal Choices and we’re just a collective of people who all align in the vision that collaborative process is best for families who fit the qualifications to participate in this process. One thing that we’ve all seen is that when we all work together, we can help you sort of self-determine, don’t you agree.
Kristine: In self-determination, in fact, that’s a word I love. When I think about the three words that really epitomize what I think collaborative practice is, self-determination comes first, because it’s an opportunity for the parties, the spouses, the family to really determine what their future looks like, and the future can look a wide variety of different ways.
Jennifer: Amazing how much the future can change, and I’ve heard you use the word self-determination in so many settings. That’s one thing that you have the benefit of when you do retain attorneys or professionals from Best Legal Choices website is that we’ve all known each other we’ve all worked together on cases. So, I know how Kristine is going to approach a case and there’s a lot of familiarity there wouldn’t you agree.
Kristine: Yes, and likewise with Jennifer when you pick collaborative professionals it’s not about necessarily the spouses feeling collaborative at the time. It’s about choosing the team that is willing to work together and there would be times of course as attorneys we’re going to advocate for your interests but instead of being adversarial instead of positioning, we have an opportunity to be problem-solving instead and that helps you. That helps you save money, that helped save your emotions, and it helps you create the future you want for your family.
Jennifer: Back to that end game, it helps you create that, so thanks a lot.
Kristine: Thank you.



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