Divorce and Empty Nest Syndrome| Divided, Survived and Thriving with Alice Mcdonald


Divorce and Empty Nest Syndrome. In this episode of Divided, Survived, and Thriving, The Split Coach, Laila Aitken, and Alice Mcdonald, International Separation and Divorce Coach discuss how to create a life by design after a long-term marriage and how to come out the other side of your divorce happier than ever.

She chose to end her long-term marriage out of love and respect for herself at the additionally unsettling time when her children were approaching adulthood. She went from being a wife and full-time mum to a single empty nester in a very short space of time.

In the past few years, Alice has spent time crying on the floor of the shower, trying to keep her sh*t together for her kids, rediscovering who she is, what she loves, and her purpose in life. She has come out the other side of her divorce happier than ever and is enjoying creating her life by design.

Alice works with women who are going through separation or divorce and have older teens or adult children. Women who are ready to find themselves again, confidently reclaim their independence and create a future filled with success, peace, and happiness.

Full of heart, giggles, and honest conversations, Alice now uses her experience to empower women worldwide to move beyond divorce, motherhood, and empty nest syndrome to embrace their own version of success and happiness.

Alice lives in sunny Perth, Western Australia, and has two older children (one adult son at university and daughter just about to finish high school), a fur-child, and a five-year-old rescue dog, Abbey.

Connect with Alice on Instagram @alice_mcdonald


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