Bill and Melinda Gates Announce Divorce After 27 Years; Florida Suspends Virus Emergency Orders


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00:00 NTD Evening News—5/3/2021
01:09 Defending Wealth Tax to Fund Social Welfare
02:49 Fla. Suspends Virus Emergency Orders
06:10 Alleged Human-Smuggling Boat Capsize Kills 4
08:21 Experts on Fight Against Human Trafficking
10:28 Bill, Melinda Gates Announce Divorce
11:00 Biden Admin May Track More Citizens Online
13:32 GOP Rejects Using Fed. Grant for 1619 Project
14:56 Two Republicans Take On Texas Runoff Election
16:20 Facebook to Decide if Trump Ban Stays
17:26 Another Indian State Enters Lockdown
20:17 Most New York Capacity Restrictions Lifting
22:01 Calls to Probe Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal
24:52 D.C. Mayor Plans to Reduce Crimes in Summer
26:03 Pa. Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Opens
30:32 Rally to Demand Lifting All Mask Mandates
32:40 Calif. Allows Earlier Release for 76K Inmates
34:39 EPA to Phase Out the Use of Coolant in A/C
36:46 Holiday Tourists Pack Chinese Attractions
37:56 China Aims to Censor Global Internet: Doc
39:21 Huge China Rocket Falls to Earth Uncontrolled
42:08 Chinese-Tied Entities Got PPP Loans: Report
45:40 London Hosts G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting
47:32 Royal Marines Test Jet Suits at Sea
48:10 Exhibition Sheds Light on Napoleon’s Legacy
50:23 Italian Exhibition on the Supreme Poet: Dante
52:19 Italy: Rome’s Colosseum to Get New Floor
53:16 Statue Reunited With Finger After 550 Years

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Bill and Melinda Gates Announce Divorce After 27 Years; Biden Raises Refugee Cap to 62,500 | NTD



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