Divorce, abuse, relationship with a narcissist- The Christian Perspective. My Journey- How to let go


I am a Christian currently going through a divorce from a narcissist, here is some (very little) examples of the abuse I have endured, where I am at now, scriptural references etc; There is pain and heartache in the beginning, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, change in appetite, no self esteem or self-confidence. Some people turn to drug abuse, alcohol, prescription medication, another person (the list goes on.) Let’s turn to the Spirit! My goal is strength in unity, strength in numbers, strength in encouragement and laughter, but most of all strength that comes from within. Not just from within you….but from within the Spirit inside of you. Use this time to come to know others who are facing the same issues, find your God-given destiny past the abuse, past the heartbreak, past the past. You are not alone, God is not new to what you are experiencing. He knows what betrayal feels like. God does not want you to suffer. God did not make you someone else’s savior.

The thing that agitates the agitator the most is when you come out smiling, laughing, unaffected by the battle raging around you. It won’t happen over night, but life is journey! I hope to make you laugh, encourage you and lift you up. But before I can do that (in other videos….) You must know that I can relate. That I too, am going through the fire.

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