It’s Over Easy Founder Laura A. Wasser Named “Top 100 Lawyer”


Congratulations to our very own Laura Wasser for being named as a Top 100 Lawyer in 2021 by the Daily Journal!

It begins,  “As the attorney representing Kim Kardashian in her divorce from Kanye West, the already prominent Wasser is among America’s best ­ known celebrity divorce lawyers.

She won’t, of course, discuss the famous pair. ‘I generally don’t talk about my cases … because it’s generally so personal and such a difficult time for the clients,’ she said. Kardashian West v. West, 21STFL01626 (L.A. Super. Ct., filed Feb. 19, 2021)”

Another excerpt reads, “She has been impressed by the way the pandemic brought changes to the courts and to family law litigation. ‘It really forced a lot of people to move into mediation, which I thought was very interesting,’ she said.

The pandemic also seemed to propel more people to use Wassers online DIY divorce platform,, which she launched in 2018.

But Wasser would like to see more changes. ‘First of all, I would make it much simpler to fill out the necessary forms:’ she said. It seems like every year or two we get new forms ... that are extremely complicated, even for somebody who went to law school.’

She also wants more education to help people understand divorce, its emotional impacts and how to thrive afterwards.

Perhaps, Wasser said, the pandemic will further increase the use of mediation, alternative judicial officers and online resources to accelerate what she calls the ‘evolution of dissolution.’ “

To enable more couples to reach a legal and fair divorce settlement, the It’s Over Easy pricing has changed. Plans now start at $9 per month. This puts quality, affordable divorce in the hands of anyone.

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