The Easy Way — The Dynamic Divorcée


It’s that time of year when I get all excited about grabbing my new planner and dreaming/planning what’s going to happen next year.

Can I make absolutely everything happen that I so carefully plan out, step-by-step?

Of course not! I’m not the boss of absolutely everything. But. If I don’t have a plan I’m completely in love with, it’s 100% definite that I’ll end up right where I started the year before.

It’s like that when trying to figure out how to heal from divorce emotionally, too. Life feels out of control and impossible. We can feel pretty powerless.

That’s why my Take Back Your Power program has become so powerful — and so many women request this program this time of year.

If you’re feeling like nothing got better this year, and you still have no idea how to move on from your divorce, I created this for you.

Take Back Your Power lets you experience my coaching without any commitment. It’s two 45-minute coaching calls spaced a week apart — and that’s just enough time together to get some real, exciting, positive change happening in your life.

It’s perfect for this time of year. Imagine ending this year with a feeling that you’re back in control. He is no longer pulling the strings or yanking your emotions around. You’ve taken back your power.

If this idea appeals to you, keep reading, because I’m giving you two amazing bonuses when you purchase Take Back Your Power by December 8 (and schedule both appointments by December 31).

What it is:

Take Back Your Power is two 45-minute coaching calls spaced a week apart, with a total price tag of just $147 (which includes the amazing bonuses below, when you purchase by Dec. 8). The video calls are one-to-one with me, Rosetta, and we do them via Facebook or Instagram Messenger, or Zoom.

In the first 45-minute appointment, we define where you want to be in your life and where to start plus you receive simple, doable action steps for the week.

In the second 45 minutes (a week later), we create an action plan to move forward based on everything I learned in our first conversation.

I make it easy, and you’ll come away feeling relief from fears that you can’t do it, and feeling the power inside that you didn’t even know you had.

Curious about the bonuses? They’re designed to get you through the holiday season in a bright and joyous way (that’s true to you) and set you up to feel excited about the new year ahead. You’ll learn exactly how to make some of your dreams come true. (And, Bonus #1 will actually help you figure out what your dreams are, in case you haven’t had much time for “dreams” lately.)

Bonus #1

Your first bonus is my post-divorce holiday-blues-cure online program (a $97 value), absolutely free. Learn more about the program here — and, for you, it’s free.

Bonus #2

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