Using Drugs on Our Wedding Day


by Tanya

(Philadelphia, PA)

Yes, that title is the truth. When I met my husband six years ago, he shared with me that he was a recovering alcoholic, and that he had been sober for 6 years. We had a great relationship, we fell in love fast and we fell hard. We had a daughter after dating for a year and everything seemed to be going great. I took him to Miami four years ago for his birthday and he decided out of the blue at dinner that he wanted to have a beer. Despite my disagreement and pleads for him not to, he did anyway. From that day on, his drinking became more excessive.

A couple of years later, we were planning our wedding, and he was drinking every day. His drinking was an issue for me, but not a big problem. We married on October 23 two years ago. The Monday after the wedding, we were scheduled to leave on our Honeymoon cruise. I noticed something very wrong with him. He was slurring his words and making references to things that happened two days before. I reached out to his best friend and described what was happening and he immediately asked me if he had taken any pills. I didn’t know how to respond….

Come to find out, on our wedding day, he took Xanax (supposedly because he was nervous and needed something to calm his nerves). Well, everything fell apart after that. He was high and drunk for the entire honeymoon, it was a disaster. We were separated a month after the wedding. He continues to struggle with his addictions today and I refuse to live with him and subject myself or my daughter to that kind of life.

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