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Thriving after Divorce Virtual Seminar

Jill Schultz is producing a series called “Thriving after He’s Gone: How to create security, embody confidence, and powerfully stand on your own two feet!” 

She will have 21 experts sharing their stories (Including John Gray, author of the Mars and Venus Series of books). Some of the things you’ll discover in this seminar are:

  • How to get past the grief and embrace change
  • How to create a positive attitude and winning mindset,
  • Tactics and strategies to help you move forward,
  • How Linked In can help you find your dream job, and
  • Much more.

The seminar is free and you can register for it at 

Life Satisfaction Research Study

Mary K Bush is a doctoral learner under the direction of a chair in the College of Doctoral studies at Grand Canyon University. She is conducting an Institutional Review Board approved research study to examine the levels of perceived life satisfaction and resilience in divorced women. Participation in the study in now closed and you can view the results of the study on our page about resilience after divorce.     

Research about Divorce Regrets

Hilary Stichbury is a freelance writer who researched an article for Canvas Magazine on people who divorce and then go on to regret their decision. According to Hilary: 

“I hope this story will be helpful to that (undoubtedly small) group of women who still love their husbands but don’t see a way forward, and can maybe look for other support rather than ending the marriage. The story will include a side bar on ways to keep a marriage healthy.”

During her research, she reached out to readers at for input on her story. Now you can read the results of her research on the phenomenon of divorce regret.

Magazine for People Going Through a Divorce – You can get the latest issue of the Divorce Magazine
in digital format without leaving this site. Get tips and advice on how
to get through your divorce, learn to co-parent with your ex, rebuild
your finances, and more.

2nd Saturday of every month
. Divorce Workshops
The “Second Saturday” Divorce workshops ($45 fee) are being offered at
various locations across the country. The aim of these workshops and
seminars is to help divorcing people deal with the legal and financial
issues, family dynamics, and the emotional and personal aspects of
divorce in a understandable, yet compassionate way.

Divorce Source Radio – These podcasts are offered by Karen McMahon and cover a wide range of divorce recovery topics such as grief, anger, loneliness, healing, parenting, career, finances, etc. Karen interviews experts in divorce as well as family counselors to touch on the numerous areas that are impacted by divorce. You can listen to previously taped shows while you are on the site.

Weekly PodcastSupport After Divorce is a regular podcast series hosted by G.D. Lengacher, a divorced father and previous leader of Divorce Care groups. These talks are focused on helping you heal after divorce and deal with the various issues that come up as you begin to rebuild your life.

Videos – Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – This is a TV show hosted by Bravo TV which is based on the “Girlfriends’ Guides” book series by Vicki Iovine. You can watch the series starring Lisa Edelstein (from the show “House”) as she navigates life as a single woman in LA. In the show, Lisa’s character Abby is a best-selling author of a self-help book series juggling romantic entanglements, family economics, and marriage upheaval with the help of her close-knit group of friends. According to Gail Pennington of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, “it’s a raw and honest look at a woman in her 40s as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and put it back together in a better, more satisfying way”. 

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