What Should Men Consider During Alimony Negotiations?


What Should Men Consider During Alimony Negotiations - Divorce Attorney For Men

In the divorce process, alimony settlement is the only difficult thing to negotiate with your partner, especially if the divorce is not happening in a friendly manner. When couples are separating, there would be a discussion on who will give maintenance money. In the whole picture of the divorce process, alimony is the most difficult one that needs to be dealt with very carefully. There are many things that men should consider during the alimony negotiations with the ex-spouse, and you need the help of an experienced alimony attorney to make the process go smoothly.

Things To Consider By Men During Alimony Negotiations.

1. Focus On Interests Rather Than Position

After the divorce process, the next thing to settle is the alimony you need to pay your non-earning spouse. During the divorce process itself, you need to position yourself to pay some amount per month to your ex-spouse. You might be thinking about protecting your best interests, but your spouse’s obligations also need to be considered. For example, if your spouse will complete her degree, she might need the money and continue paying rent. Always analyze the situations and allow the problem to get a solution, to protect the interests of both parties.

2. Do Not Destroy The Relationship

It is not good to destroy the relationship with the other party in most divorce cases. This is because, if you have children, you might need to develop a co-parenting plan with your ex-spouse. You must communicate with your spouse about child support, visitation, and decisions regarding your children’s well-being.

3. Give Value To Emotions Of Other Side

To begin or end the negotiation better, it is necessary to understand and value the other side’s emotions. Understanding the other party’s emotions can allow you to think creatively to solve or settle alimony issues. There are also situations where the parties are ready to sacrifice financial needs if the emotional needs are satisfied.

4. Evaluating Your Spouse’s Resources

If you are the person who receives alimony, you need to get the full information about your spouse’s financial resources. You need to see that your spouse discloses all the financial assets and always ensure that the following are included.

  • Separate Assets of Your Spouse
  • Income and Expenditure Statements
  • Benefits enjoyed apart from salary, like a bonus, etc.

5. Time To Evaluate Your Needs

Once you have made a record of your spouse’s assets, it is time to evaluate all your needs. Calculate your monthly income, expenditure, and resources you have to fulfill your needs. There is no particular formula available for calculating alimony. You need to discuss with your attorney to decide on the amount of alimony you can ask from your ex-spouse.

6. Transparency Is Necessary

In the divorce process and negotiations, transparency plays a vital role in gaining the other party’s trust. All the discrepancies can be solved by just being transparent. If the other party has asked for your financial statement, do not hesitate, provide them with the statement to gain their trust. It is also better to reach out to them by asking if anything else is needed. Making offers like this can gain confidence and lead to a fair divorce settlement.

Talk To An Experienced Divorce Attorney

The divorce process is always complicated, especially if there is an alimony settlement involved. You need to be careful in alimony negotiations and not make decisions in a hurry. You need to take an experienced attorney’s help to complete negotiations on your behalf. Alice Pare is an experienced divorce attorney in Germantown, Maryland, with over 20 years of experience. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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