Making this decision from the deepest part of yourself:

  1. Your voice is the only voice that matters.

It can be tempting to seek out the opinions of friends and family, thinking it will help you in answering “When is divorce the right answer?” and make the “right” decision. Other people’s voices will only increase confusion though and drown out the sound of your own voice even further. Now is actually the time for deep reflection and connection, so that you can tune into your own truth and inner guidance.

  1. Prioritize your own feelings and needs.

When overwhelmed with a difficult decision, it is common to get flooded with a spectrum of emotions and mistakenly react as an attempt to ease the discomfort that it creates. Instead, take the time to connect with and acknowledge your specific feelings, giving them a name and the space to be fully felt.

Allow these feelings to then communicate to you what it is you are needing and take actions to meet those needs for yourself. This is one of the most powerful tools taught by Katherine Woodward Thomas in the Conscious Uncoupling process, allowing you to create an internal safe space where your deepest truth can be heard.

  1. Reflect honestly on the difficult questions.

There are specific questions about the relationship that will help you to connect to your deeper truth and knowing. Having the courage to answer them honestly will provide clarity as you navigate through making your decision.

*Do you feel emotionally safe and supported in the relationship?

*Do you feel safe to be the fullest expression of who you are?

*Is this a relationship you would hope for your children?

*If this person were to never change, do you feel fully able to accept them for exactly who they are now? 

It is courageous and empowering to make decisions from this place of deep intuitive connection and knowing. The answers lie within you, trust in yourself and allow your deeper truth to guide your way.”

I love Jennifer’s advice and I hope it will resonate with you. If you need help and are struggling with this decision like my client, Natalie, please reach out to us at Smarter Divorce Solutions – you don’t need to do this alone.

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