How To Handle Divorce As A Man


How To Handle Divorce As A Man

Dealing with divorce for men could be devastating and stressful. Divorce makes men think that they are losing identity because men are mostly stigmatized by society. Men getting a divorce try to be calm and self-confident, but they have deep pain inside, and men do not show their tears to the public. Men do not like to show their pain even to the nearest friends, and at the same time, men go through various emotional stages in the divorce process. Remember, as a man, you can learn a lot through the divorce process, and this article gives advice on how to handle divorce and life after divorce as a man in this society.

How To Deal With Divorce As A Man?

1. Endeavor To Resolve Things Mutually

A lot can be saved by solving things mutually. Going through mediation, deciding things mutually outside the courtroom, and working together on the divorce process can save both parties money and time. Both the parties can sit together along with respective lawyers and decide on the partition of assets, debts, child custody, alimony, and many other things. If there is mutual understanding, then the divorce process goes on smoothly, if not, move on to the trial process. The trial process could be lengthy and expensive.

2. Get Prepared For Process To Take Time

The time taken for the divorce process depends on personal circumstances and a situation that leads to separation. Spouses who are unwilling to take divorce can prolong the process by using various tactics like changing court dates, bringing in issues like child custody, alimony, and insisting on solving all financial matters. Settling financial issues can take years, and it takes time to get a divorce.

3. Do Not Get Addicted

Men try to get addicted to something after getting divorced. After separation, men often indulge in drinking, casual sexual relationships, and getting addicted to drugs. It is natural to look for quick short-term remedies after getting shocks like divorce. Short-term remedies cannot cure you for the long-term, and you need to look for a solution that could bring relief and make you happier even after returning to an empty apartment. Being lonely after divorce lets you know yourself even better.

4. Never Lose Control Over Emotions Or Feelings

Men always suppress their feelings like anger, depression, frustration, and resentment because of the social environment and society they have to face. Suppression of emotions can lead to many problems like the sudden outburst of emotional feelings in inappropriate places or situations. It is a must that men control their feelings and learn how to cope with life after divorce.

5. Don’t Think That You Are The Only Getting Hurt

Divorce is a process or situation where both parties get affected emotionally or financially. The family’s dissolution affects couples, children, family members, and friends. To avoid losing the trust of friends or family or children, try to be respectful in a divorce process and maintain communication with children.

6. Never Use Children As Pawns In Divorce

Some men try to get custody of children by giving reasons that putting children in a spouse’s hands is harmful. Unless you have legitimate reasons, do not use your children as pawns in your divorce process. Doing so is not only petty but also can harm children’s emotions. If you want children’s custody, you need to consult an experienced divorce attorney.

7. Dis-connect From Social Media For Some Time

After divorce, it is advised to get disconnected from social media. Stop constantly browsing Facebook, where you might see incidents of your ex-wife with other persons that could break your heart. Ensure that you are well prepared to face the truth before opening social media accounts.

Rebuilding Yourself After Divorce

Here are some things you need to do to overcome the effects of divorce and rebuild yourself to move on in life.

1. Take Care Of Health and Wellness

Divorce men face the risk of many health problems, and it is important to take care of health. Take a good diet, exercise, and have 8 hours of sleep daily to manage routine stress.

2. Develop New Hobbies

You might have neglected your hobbies after getting married. Now it is time to reconnect and start with the hobbies again or develop new hobbies. Spending time with something will let you move forward and make your life more positive.

3. Establish Routine With Children

If you are having custody of your children or visiting them on weekends, make sure that you have a particular schedule for spending time with them. Agree with your ex-spouse about parenting schedules and make sure that you have a good time with your children.

Contact An Experienced Men’s Divorce Attorney

A divorce situation is indeed devastating, but you must control your emotions or feelings. Having a positive attitude can help you move positively in your life and take care of your children. If you still doubt the divorce process, you need to contact an experienced lawyer. Alice Pare is an experienced divorce attorney in Germantown, MD, who has over 27 years of experience handling men’s divorce cases. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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