How Smart Couples Divorce-Proof Their Marriage


divorce-proof marriage

Is your marriage divorce-proof?


Most marriages start with a foundation of love that erodes over time. It is the loss of those loving feelings that allows problems to enter and chisel away out the foundation. Smart couples divorce-proof their marriage by focusing on doing what supports, strengthens and promotes feelings of love and bonding.

5 Things Smart Couples Do To Divorce-Proof Their Marriage:

1. There Is a Lot Of Touch, Sex, Cuddling:

Marital love is expressed through sex, touch, and cuddling. A touch on the hand, a hug, kiss or sex are ways smart couples stay connected with each other.

Connecting physically via touch or sex is a powerful form of marital communication that enhances, not only marital satisfaction but the ties that bind them together as a couple. Happier couples touch more often than couples whose marriages are conflicted.

Touch helps relax each spouse which, in turn, allows their brains to be more receptive to solving problems that arise in the marriage. Some researchers say that touch is as effective as verbal communication skills when trying to communicate your emotions.

“All the evidence points to the fact that an active sex life keeps couples together,” says Dr. Geoff Hackett, a leading expert in sexual medicine and former chairman of the British Society for Sexual Medicine.

“It promotes intimacy, reassurance, the realization that both parties are wanted and needed. It is hard to find researched evidence, but most surveys point to the fact that a lack of sex in a relationship is a leading factor in divorce.”

Want to keep divorce from knocking on your door? Stay physically and sexually connected to your spouse.

2. They Share a High Level Of Emotional Intimacy:

Smart couples understand the need to fulfill each other’s emotional needs. This requires each spouse being honest about their emotional needs and also finding out what the other’s emotional needs are and, meeting those needs.

Staying emotionally available keeps down conflict that can arise if one spouse is closed off and unable or unwilling to be vulnerable with the other.  Smart couples know the importance of maintaining a high level of trust and communication that allows each other to share their innermost selves. There is a high level of safety felt by both spouses when communicating feelings.

3. They Stimulate Each Other Intellectually:

Couples who challenge each other mentally are bound together by the intellectual stimulation. Some couples spend time reading together or, discussing the merits of a new movie they’ve seen. They share their work-related projects, discuss politics or, the latest headlines from The New York Times or Fox News.

If it is nothing more than sitting together and working through a 5,000 piece puzzle, smart couples know the value of sharing intellectual pursuits.

4. They Share The Same Financial Values:

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce. Couples who share similar values when it comes to their money and how that money is used have a high likelihood of weathering the worst financial hardships.

Before marriage, smart couples discuss their financial goals and agree to a financial plan for their marriage. And, they stick to that plan!

5. They Share Fun Activities:

Nothing keeps love alive like sharing fun activities. Smart couples, travel together, dance together, go to sporting events together. They never forget how to enjoy each other’s company and the importance of maintaining a high level of enjoyable activities.

Basically, they never stop dating or treating the relationship like they did when it was new. Finding new and enjoyable things to do together helps couples not only continue to bond but, it helps them learn new things about each other.


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